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Rejuvenate at any age.
All anti-aging treatments are carried out by a qualified Doctor, who will supply a free first time personalised analysis. The cost of further treatments and their duration will differ according to the client's specific needs.

Facial Resurfacing
The biorevitalisers improve skin tone, whilst fillers smooth wrinkles, rectify nasal hollows and eye bags and increase the volume of lips, cheeks and chin.
Depends on the person

A simple injection of botox under the skin surface smoothes wrinkles and hollows caused by facial muscles, improves crow's feet and gives an overall youthful look with out the use of a scalpel.
Depends on the person

Lipolisis with Fosfatidilcolina
Fosfatidilcolina is used for the treatment of cellulite that reduces localised fat accumulation avoiding lipo-sculpture.
Depends on the person

These are small intradermic injections used against cellulite, facial skin aging, lymphatic vein problems and small traumas.
Depends on the person

Diets and complementary treatments to prevent aging
Personalised diets and complementary treatments are possible to limit degenerating biological processes.
Depends on the person
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