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Psychophysical well-being
The roots of Shiatsu come from a cross between the ancient taoista philosophy and the rigorous Japanese culture. A deep, relaxing treatment is then created. By applying gentle pressure, that activates superficial and deep energy, Shiatsu stimulates internal organs to function better and helps to recover a general state of well bieng and mental relaxation. Shiatsu can be applied to both young and old. There are multiple benefits: it relaxes and combats every day stress, improves and regulates metabolism, increases immune system efficiency and improves individual skills (work, sport, concentration, study etc.).
1 hour - 80

An ancient Chinese therapy, based on massage and the manipulation of specific points of the foot, where thousand of nerve endings are found. According to reflexology principles energy pathways link a particular area of the foot to each of the body's organs. Stimulating these areas induces a reaction in the body that searches energy within itself to be sent to weak organs to help recover balance and improve efficiency. As well as the effect on internal organs, reflexology is a relaxing treatment that improves circulation and relieves stress.
1 hour - 80
30 mins [express] - 40

The endless benefits of acupuncture.
Practised in China, already in the third millennium A.C., acupuncture (zhen jiu in) is a therapeutic treatment based on the painless insertion of fine needles in particular parts of the body. The human body is considered a harmonious collection of numerous functional systems, approximately associated to physical organs. The treatment of a certain illness is made by inserting needles in sensitive localised parts of the body modifying one or more of these systems.
30 mins - 100
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