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Rejuvenate with a massage
Muscular Rebalancing massage
This is a massage that works on muscle layers, dissolving nodes, sore muscles and tension created by stress, bad posture and tiredness. Working on energy channels, the massage rebalances giving the body and mind a new freedom.
1 hour - 80

Aromatherapeutic Massage
A holistic massage, combining East and West traditions, concentrating on the back, scalp, face, neck, shoulders and feet. Using a custom blend of essential oils extracted from plants. According to each chosen essence, this massage can achieve varied results: to relieve aches and pains, mental clarity, relaxing, energising and detoxifying.
1 hour - 80

Hot Stone Massage
A therapy practised since ancient times by the Chinese and American Indians, this massage with hot lava stones allows muscles to stretch and restore energy in a deeply relaxed state. Some hot stones are positioned on body Chakras, powerful energy centres, whilst others are passed over the skin in a soft and relaxing manner.
1 hour - 100

Kin Yang Korean massage
A relaxing Korean treatment consisting of vibrations, rotations, oscillations, rocking and stretching of the whole body. It releases tension restoring muscle elasticity and tone. The result is a gradual change in posture and balance that gives new energy and mental awareness.
1 hour - 100

Harmonious Massage
A soft but very deep massage creating a state of total relaxation and well-being. It exploits the natural propagating powers of essential oils to relax muscles, joints and relieve neck pains.
50 mins - 80

Energizing Massage
A specific muscle reliever for the aches and pains that can result from a particular sport, computer use or frequent travel. Increases muscle flexibility and restores muscle balance after overexertion and improves circulation. The result is a pleasant, revitalising, relaxing sensation.
1 hour - 80

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