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Discover oneself through rituals.
Restore and rejuvenate are pleasures that should be savoured and that merit time. To accomplish this, the combination of different treatments creates a complete experience. Our experts are at your disposal to assist in the choice of completely personalised compositions.

Balinese ritual
Inspired by Lulur, a purifying ceremony practised by princesses preparing for their wedding, this ritual begins with a salt foot bath and foot massage to recover physical and mental harmony. Followed by, a Lulur body scrub, with tropical flowers and aromas that sweeten the skin and alleviate the mind, and to finish, a complete massage.
3 hours - 160

Harmony foot ritual
After a salt footbath, a delicate scrub with spices that stimulate circulation and leave feet refreshed, soft and smooth. Followed by a pedicure, a mask and an oriental foot massage. After this treatment it seems like you are walking on clouds.
1 hour - 70

Harmony hand ritual
A hand bath in a sandalwood mixture, a soft tamarind and orange pulp scrub followed by a manicure. To finish, an oriental hand massage with a deeply nutritious ylang ylang mask.
1 hour - 70
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