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Unite well-being and beauty.
Manual lymphatic drainage massage (Vodder method)
This massage focuses on the areas of the body prone to cellulite, blockages, fluid retention and uneven skin texture, stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. It has a detoxifying effect, therefore improving skin tone and subcutaneous tissues.
50 mins - 70

Body Scrub
These treatments, based on natural essential oils, remove impurities, refine skin, stimulate circulation and help to eliminate toxins. Varying essences can be used in the scrub, from which different results are obtained.

- traditional Thai refreshing lemongrass: relaxation and anti-stress properties for tired muscles.
- coconut moisturizer: anti-oxidant properties, strengthens and deeply moisturizes new tissues.
- coffee skin toner: breaks up fatty deposits, improves circulation and firms skin.
- Soothing lavender: balances the nervous system and has a calming antidepressant effect.
40 mins - 60

Body hydrating treatment: scrub and body mask
The scrub softly cleans the surface without irritating the skin. The body mask, particularly effective if applied directly after a scrub, purifies and feeds skin. Different effects can be chosen.

- traditional Thai energizing ginger: boosts circulation, eases stiff muscles and tones skin.
- traditional Thai relaxing Jasmine: soothes dry or sensitive skin and has a relaxing and sensual   effect.
- protective chocolate: stimulates hormones (increases endorphin production) and gives a feeling   of well-being and satisfaction.
- oriental tradition, andi-oxidant green tea: has a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect.
1 hour 30 mins - 80

A beauty treatment designed to concentrate on specific areas of the body in need of therapy, can be personalised according to the required effect.

- anti-cellulite: acting directly on breaking up fatty deposits by draining and stimulating   movements.
- toning: vitalizes, tones skin tissues, helping to recover natural elasticity.
- circulatory: relieves muscles and restores normal blood flows, especially in the legs.
- personalised: a combination, customised on specific individual requests.
50 mins - 70

A deeply purifying and cleansing facial treatment, followed by delicate exfoliation, a moisturizing mask and a final relaxing massage.
1 hour - 60

The Regenerate facial (anti-aging)
Stimulates skin metabolism, activates skin cell regeneration, toning and deeply nourishing. Impedes aging and gives the skin a youthful glow, with short and long term effects.
1 hour - 70

The Detox oriental herb facial
A rebuilding treatment, restoring skin balance, using essential oils and natural extracts. Includes an exfoliation, an aromatic detoxifying facemask, and a regenerating facemask.
1 hour - 70

Hand treatment with paraffin
1 hour - 50

Foot treatment with paraffin
1 hour - 70
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