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Thai massage
The expression of an ancient tradition handed down through countless generations, by some considered the most thorough massage. This is a pressure point massage applied along the body's energy channels and manipulations with stretching movements similar to assisted yoga.

Traditional Thai Massage
A relaxing and invigorating effect. Light muscular stretching has a toning effect on internal organs. Releases stress and tension, leaves a sense of peace and energy.
1 hour - 80

Traditional Thai Massage
An ancient form of massage (Nuad Bo-Rarn: “Northern style”) is performed fully dressed on a futon. A unique style, creates a deep sense of relaxation, improves sleep, favours energy flows and therefore improves body functions; it improves muscle and joint elasticity as well as concentration levels.
1 hour 30 mins - 110

Thai Massage with herbal compresses
Warm curative herbal compresses are applied to aches and pains followed by a massage designed to ease muscle tension and absorb the herbs healing properties. Ideal for easing aches, pains and bruises.
1 hour - 80

Thai foot Massage
A relaxing effect to relieve tension and sluggishness in the legs leaving a feeling of extreme lightness.
1 hour - 80
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